DXF LOGO won't push pull

I have a logo that is a DXF file and imported it into SU 2016…Its been a while, which is why I don’t remember how to use the push pull tool on the letters. I tried “intersect faces”, also tried dividing the letters individually in half, but can’t get them to push pull…Anyone have any idea what I should do? Thankyou in advance.

Rob Orizino in NY

Would you care to share the file or at least an image?


With DXF there is a chance that it came in as a group. See if you have Explode as an option when you right-click on it. Once it’s not a group, or if you double-click into the group, there may still not be any faces. If there aren’t, use the line tool and draw over an existing line. That should force a face to appear, then push pull should work.

Thanks to the “Sketchup Pros”, the issue is resolved…The explode tool helped immensely. You guys are great!

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