Do any of you work with Sketchup files in Adobe illustrator?


Just curious to see if there are any Adobe illustrator users who have experience importing and manipulating SketchUp files.



I have had some experience using CorelDraw together with SU, but going in the opposite direction. That is, I would draw some shape or profile in Corel, export it as .dxf, and use (import) the profile in SU. (If you were to “manipulate” a 3D file in a 2D app, you’d @$&! it up, wouldn’t you?) Post-processing of SU images is most often done, I believe, in a bitmap editor such as PhotoShop.



The greatest problem I’ve found once I import a SU eps or
pdf file into illustrator is all of the lines are segmented.

The component becomes a major pain in the but to edit as a vector.
I’ve also imported SU jpeg line files into photoshop which work but photoshop is not as simple to edit as illustrator.


For you is easy. For me is difficult.

-Señor Wences


This is what happens with all 2D vector exports from SketchUp models. It cannot be helped because SketchUp uses face geometry where everything consists of flat faces with straight edges.