Trace image or change lines to editable lines in sketchup

I do have sketchup pro and was hoping if someone could help me out. I have an image that I want to change all the edges to lines. The image is simple and has a white background. I was able to trace the image well by using Illustrator but when I uploaded it into sketchup it seems to upload as an image so the lines aren’t actual editable lines in sketchup which means I cannot extrude out to create a 3d image.

You should be able to export from Illustrator as a vector file like DXF which you could then import into SketchUp Pro. If you are importing a raster image, the lines will be raster lines, not vector in SketchUp. You could then need to trace them in SU to get edges you can use to create faces and such. There are a variety of raster to vector converter programs out there but in my experience, they make awful vector lines due to the pixelized nature of the images I’ve tried. Much easier to import the image as an image in SU and then trace it with the various drawing tools.

I was really hoping that I wouldn’t have to spend all that time tracing but if that is the only way then so be it…

What did you do with the Illustrator file? Did you try exporting a vector file from it?

I am not sure how to do that. The only option I could see was to export file as dwg, or dxf. However in order to create the tracing in illustrator I just went to image trace in the program. thanks

DWG and DXF are vector file types.

Ok. I don’t know but it wont let me use the push/pull tool on it.

How about sharing the SKP file.

The vector files generally don’t have faces and since Push/Pull works on faces, you’d need to create them. It’s also likely that the file imported as a component. In order to make any changes, you would need to open the component for editing.

Pushpull works on faces. If they are inside a group you must open that group for edit first.

Ok. I just did what you guys suggested and it work. Thanks a whole lot…