How do I extrude an imported shape?

If I design a shape (like a logo) in Illustrator and import it as a dwg file, how do I extrude it? thanks


I’m not sure about Illustrator, but normally, when you import a DWG file, it is inserted as a Component. None of the areas will be enclosed, which is required to create a face for extruding.

Double clicking on the Component will take you into the Component Edit mode. Normally, by simply tracing over one of the lines, the face will be created, which can then be Push/Pulled.

If you don’t want the shape/outline to be a Component after importing, simply Right Click on it and select Explode. You can then trace over a line without having to double click to edit a Component.

As a note, just double check all the lines meet after importing, as if they don’t, it will fail to form a face.

Hope that helps.