How to import 3D Illustrator object into Sketchup?


I am trying to put an object that I created in Illustrator to use as a sculpture in my SketchUp file. So far, I have found that I can import the line art (dwg), but then I am not able to push/pull the object as there are no faces. Then I tried importing the file as a 3D illustrator as a PDF but it doesn’t preserve the 3D aspect of the object. Either way, I am stuck with a flat version of my 3D object. I need my object to be three dimensional in my SketchUp file!

Am I missing something obvious? Please help!!

Actually was able to fix the issue myself. If anybody has a similar issue, feel free to contact me about it here.

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Why don’t you offer your solution in this thread now for the benefit of other users…without them having to contact you personally?


Hi Callous, I have the same issue. I have sketchup shop and I can bring a .dwg file into sketchup, but I cannot seem to create a face on it. I have used the rectangle to to draw a box around the image in the same plane, but that doesn’t work for me. What do I need to do?

Did you try tracing one of the edges along the space that you want to have a face?

I have not tried that, although I saw that option on a video. I thought there must be a simpler way to globally make changes to a graphic without going into each line to trace. I am holding out hope that there is an easier way. Will try that.

The imported DWG should come in as a component. You should be able to explode it, draw a large rectangle to encompass it and end up with the faces assuming the edges in the DWG are planar.

Just tried tracing it and that isn’t working. Must not be doing something right.

Probably didn’t open the component for editing first.

How do I open the component to edit it?

I am new to sketchup. How do I explode it?

Right click on it and choose edit Component.

Right click on it and choose Explode.

Before jumping in the deep end, it would be a good idea to learn the basics starting here:


Yep and there can be other reasons an imported dwg doesn’t form faces. You are not necessarily doing something wrong. You might find that some faces come in OK and others need the outside edges to be closed. Although they look like they are closed, they may not be.

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Thanks! I will check this out. I have worked for years in Maya, and recently purchased sketchup shop to learn for work. I find it is good to do little simple projects to learn programs. Hopefully Sketchup Fundamentals part 1 will help to give a good overview. I have watched tutorials like this for sketchup. Thanks!

I am going through this tutorial and it is great!! Thanks!

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I was given the Sketch Up Fundamentals-Part 1. Spent time almost every day going through and learning the turorials and I enjoyed them. Where can I go from here? Is there a Fundamentals Part 2, 3? Having a hard time continuing keeping up a unified cohesive process. I don’t mind jumping around by looking online for different tutorials for wherever I would like to go, but this Fundamentals tutorial was great! Just wanted to continue down the same path if I could.

Have you tried this? Have you seen the other tutorials?