How to import 3D Illustrator object into Sketchup?




I am trying to put an object that I created in Illustrator to use as a sculpture in my SketchUp file. So far, I have found that I can import the line art (dwg), but then I am not able to push/pull the object as there are no faces. Then I tried importing the file as a 3D illustrator as a PDF but it doesn’t preserve the 3D aspect of the object. Either way, I am stuck with a flat version of my 3D object. I need my object to be three dimensional in my SketchUp file!

Am I missing something obvious? Please help!!


Actually was able to fix the issue myself. If anybody has a similar issue, feel free to contact me about it here.


Why don’t you offer your solution in this thread now for the benefit of other users…without them having to contact you personally?