Importing 2D drawing

How do I import 2d line drawings of object shapes from Illustrator into Sketchup and keep the lines from breaking up? I have had limited success in importing drawings as DWG files to Sketchup. Most of the time the drawings break up into unconnected line segments. My goal is to use the push pull tool to give the line drawings three dimensions and thickness in Sketchup.

You need to make sure the lines are connected in the .dwg.

Push/Pull works on faces, not edges. You would need to generate the faces before you can use Push/Pull. There are extensions that might help but often Intersect Faces with a large rectangle drawn over the imported edges will do the trick. Sharing the .dwg file would help us help you more specifically.

Are you using Shaop as indicated in your profile or SketchUp Pro (the category you posted in)?

I upgraded to Pro. How do I change that in my profile?

After importing the dwg, I raise it over a rectangle and use the drape tool to fill the dwg in as a plane. The problem is that the dwg almost always breaks up in to segments.
Waukesha b.dwg (18.5 KB)

Click on your avatar in the uppr right corner of the forum page and then Preferences and Preferences again.

It will do that. You can select the edges and use Weld to weld them back into a “curve”. Then in this case just trace an edge with the Line tool to fill in the face.

Remember to remove the tag from the imported edges. They should be untagged.

Where do I find weld?

It’s native in the current version of SketchUp. Right click on the selected edges as I did in the gif.

I’m on a mac without a right click mouse

There’s still a Context Click option. Use hold Control while clicking.

You really ought to invest a few shekels in a basic 3-button mouse. Not a lot of money and it’ll make your work in SketchUp a heckuvalot easier.


And a little time to the free courses at


I held control and clicked for the entity info box. I have done this before but there is no reference to “weld”. I have done a lot of tutorial work but am asking these questions because I have found no reference to importing drawings in the tutorials thus far. I don’t mind investing shekels, but have found that I can access all I need to access on the mac, albeit a bit more clumsily.

Here is a screen shot of what I get with control click:

You have to open the component for editing like I showed and select the edges inside it.

Thank you, this has been most helpful!

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