Push/Pull Issues!

I’ve created and imported a .dwg file of lines & arcs. It imported ok, but I haven’t been able to use the push/pull tool on the shape, even when exploded. I then traced over the top, but a face wasn’t created doing that - so nothing to push/pull there either.
Please help

You need to add your model so we can see what the issue is.

I have seen my share of sloppy CAD files, especially dwg files.

Usually, I use the imported dwg as a reference and redraw everything from scratch.

210924-Baffles.skp (393.1 KB)

Use the line tool to add edges across the outline and look for places where faces won’t forum.

Here I did that until I got up to the right side of the arc. Near the cursor in the view there’s a tiny gap which would prevent a closed loop which is required to support a face. The same thing happens at the right side of the next two arcs. There’s also a gap on the left of the first one I indicated as well as at the arc on the far right end.

The arc also extends beyond the horizontal line so after you close the gap you need to remove the overrun. Here I’ve zoomed in on it.

After fixing the gaps and overruns it looks like this:

This is basically a case of a sloppy CAD file as Jean referred to.

Legend. Thanks Dave!