Export from Dynascape to Sketch Up breaks shapes into line segments

Hi. I’m trying to export from Dynascape to Sketch up, but when I do all of my shapes become broken into individual lines, thus I can’t push/pull or use the paint bucket on them. Does anyone have any clue why?

Share one of your .skp files so we can see what you are getting to work with.

How do I reduce the file size so I can do so?

Don’t reduce the file size. Upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

So there are no faces in the import for Push/Pull to work on. Only edges.

You can draw a large rectangle on the ground plane and use Intersect Faces to divide the surfaces or you might try an extension like Eneroth Face Creator from the Extension Warehouse. There’s a ton of geometry so give it some time.

Before you do that I would suggest that you get and run TIG’s Default Layer Geometry, available from the Extension Warehouse to fix the incorrect tag usage. I did that here.
Screenshot - 4_8_2021 , 7_25_33 PM
All edges and faces should be untagged in the SketchUp model. Only groups and components should be tagged.

There are a bunch of components in the model and they will need to be treated individually.

Did you use their exporter to get this from Dynascape to SketchUp?

Seriously? Why does Dynascape even bother to implement exporting to Sketch Up if it doesn’t work?

Thanks for figuring that out for me.

I guess you’d have to take that up with them. This is similar to 2D .dxf and .dwg imports that don’t have faces so you only get edges. The general wisdom from experienced users is to only use the import as a guide and create your own geometry for the 3D model within SketchUp. then delete the imported stuff.

Alright, well thank you very much.

You’re welcome.

FWIW, I started running Intersect Faces on your model before I typed my reply with the screen shots. It’s still running.

I only need to render a section, so I’m going to do the left half of the front yard garden.

Delete what you don’t need first, then.

Just a word of warning, if you do construct that garden in Sketchup, don’t use 3d plants downloaded from the warehouse as a shrubbery of such detail, while wonderful for the Knights who say Ni, will bring any computer to it’s knees.

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Is there an easier way to deselect the components first?

Deselect the components?

Like if I draw a square, select everything, then intersect the faces with selection.

Can I do it anyway and have it render one POV as a snapshot instead of live rendering?

If you don’t need the component(s), delete them from the model space and then purge unused stuff via Window>Model Info>Statistics.

I don’t know exactly where you plan to cut it off but take a look at this. More than 90% reduction in file size.

SMITH RESIDENCE purged.skp (1.8 MB)

I’m not surprised since the entire front yard is missing, where most of the plants were.