Export from Dynascape to Sketch Up breaks shapes into line segments

I get the feeling Sketch Up isn’t optimized for mass planting rendering lol

Be very selective in what you use, check edge polygon count, some foliage can have millions of edges. I’ve seen situations where one small wall detail hanging plant was enough to stop anyone’s computer and they had tried to use six in their model.
Look for 2d face me components and ‘backgrounds’ wherever possible.

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There are renders that can use Proxies.

I don’t know what is meant by proxies but it sounds promising

A proxy is a replacement, you just use simple low poly objects in the model but assign them a proxy and the render engine puts the details in.

Ahh I see.

Well now I am trying to replace one of the benches in the front yard with a model and it just pops up as two 2D planes containing photos of the model. I assume that’s what’s happening but it’s weird.

How are you putting the bench in? Is it from the 3D Warehouse?

Downloaded from 3D Warehouse, right click on bench, reload.

It’s working with less detailed models so I assume it’s placing proxies.

What bench component? Can you share the name of it?

You shouldn’t be needing to use Reload already.

FWIW, you should probably concentrate on modeling the basic stuff that you aren’t going to find in the 3D Warehouse first.

SketchUp doesn’t create proxies on its own. It’s probably the component you chose.

If you want to make your work easier in SketchUp, you need to plan carefully and pay more attention to how you draw in Dynascape. Draw the elements (plants, trees, etc.) so that SketchUp imports each one as components.

This way you can more easily replace each element (plants, trees, accessories) with SketchUp components (2D or 3D trees, shrubs, plants, etc.). Or just to create faces and color them.