STEP > DWG (not seeing them well in Sketchup)

Hi. I am importing STEP files to Rhino. Read them perfect. Then I am exporting them to DWG.
After that I used the Autocad Viewer and I can see them perfectly.

I am wondering why Sketchup isnt showing me the whole model.

If someone is familiarized with these tipe of procedures I will really appreciate your tips.

I uploaded the file.


SU_Help.DWG (878.4 KB)

• SketchUp Extension Warehouse : SimLab Step Importer f. SU

You could try saving a SketchUp file directly from Rhino (Rhino 5 imports and exports SketchUp v.8 files) and let Rhino do the conversion from solid to face geometry. If you need more control, you can convert the surfaces to meshes, and, perhaps, even use the mesh reducer command in Rhino before exporting. The same goes if you want to go via the DWG route, too.

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+1 for Simlab Step Importer. It’s not free I realize but I import STEP files all the time, and the Simlab importer works very well.

I too like SimLab things, but the OP has Rhino. Rhino can import and export almost every imaginable 3D format plus some I had never heard of. I would guess that he has no need for some other exporter/ importer.

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people trying to import STEP files to SU but either without a Rhino license or with the need to avoid erroneous and time consuming multiple format conversions (see above) might benefit from an alternative solution as the STEP importer directly running inside SU anyhow.

something weired with this file… getting the same effect in an other modeler and a heavy warning message in a DXF/DWG analysis application.

Open in the AC viewer (or free Teigha Viewer) and save down to the DWG v12 format, opens fine in SU v2018.

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Here is a SketchUp file of the file straight from Rhino.
SU_Help.skp (2.0 MB)
It would probably benefit from pre-export cleanup in Rhino and it has unnecessary geometry (like tubes with wall thickness).

It seems to work.

This is the print screen:


As I said I am not familiarised with SU so I am not sure if the polygonal aspect works as it should be. I am use to see much more clean surfaces.

OH, this looks even better than the DWG R12 translation into SKP !


When the geometry comes in triangulated or fragmented like you show, Thom Thom’s CleanUp 3 works well for getting rid of the unneeded geometry.

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