Sketchup Not Opening on Windows 11 help me

Here’s the link to the Insider program that has the ISO for the previous Insider build 25201

There’s nothing you can do but wait. windows update this week

Thank you for all your answers.

Hi, I have the same issue since W11 build 25206.1000 (currently I have 25211.1001 ) & still have the issue.
I’ve flagged it on the Feedback Hub, maybe you’d like to do the same as it would add pressure to Microsoft to fix the issue which was not present in build 25201.1000
& BTW updating to the very latest Nvidia drivers does not fix the issue.
Good luck all

I agree.

I had issues like this when I was in the Win 10 preview program, this is why I refuse to switch to Win 11.

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This issue feels like some OpenGL issue… (a hunch). But as we can’t even get to the settings in SU it’s impossible to test different setting to see if tweaking them would work… Hého. Only solution seems to be rolling back to 25201.1000 from the 18-09-22 while we wait for the Microsoft folks to un-screwup whatever they’ve done in 25206 & 25211 that’s messing us up. Trouble is, once you roll back, you’d better stay offline for a while as Widows just reinstalls the updates on the sly…

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I had the same problem (SU closing on startup) after the latest Windows Update. After having online support from Windows support, we concluded a quick fix, might be revoking (roll back) of the update. I did this and it works! I have dissgussed the issue in a Windows forum and had the reply that the Windows Insider version is not recommended in use of 3rd party sw! How I can exit Insider version is still unclear to me, but hope I soon find out.

Yes… Roll back worked for me, but very strange for Microsoft to say that the insider program is not recommended “in use of 3rd party software” :smiley: What does that mean ? That one should only work with Microsoft software ? They need to listen to themselves :smiley: An OS by definition has to allow other software to function correctly and if they never hear feedback from real users via the insider program what is that program even for ? Wow, it’s always astounding the rubbish these big companies allow themselves to spout !

I would read that to mean that there are changes in this version of Windows 11 that will require updates to 3rd party software which those 3rd parties will not have been able to make yet and as such that software may not work. For example, SketchUp 2022 has not been updated for this Windows Insider yet and you’ve seen what that means.

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Dave, yes, that would make more sense ! & so they need people like us to flag problems so that the 3rd party software editors can make the necessary changes in a timely fashion before a mainstream W11 release messes things up for hundreds of other users… Personally I have no problem rolling back as I have done, I signed up for the insider program with my eyes open as it were, so minor inconvenience was to be expected. Just hope the issues gets fixed by whoever needs to fix it before mainstream users get hit with the potential problem. :slight_smile:

Usually, but not always, software developers get the release before the general release.

Fortunately this seems to be a rare issue with Windows. On the other hand Apple has released a major OS update that broke 3rd party software. I can think of several cases of that in the past including one that prevented LayOut from working.

Ouch ! that sounds pretty disastrous !

The one that made LayOut quit working was late in the year when all of the developers were working on getting the next SketchUp/LayOut version ready for release. A bunch of them had to be pulled off that to work on an update to the current version so users weren’t dead in the water.

Luckily, they have a ‘rosetta’ mode in which the older intel based software still works😉
It’s included in the OS, so no need to roll back.
I tend to compare it with the wildebeast crossing the serengeti once a year, you don’t want to be the first or the last…


Nice visualization! Like nervous wildebeests in the river, anxiously scouting for menacing crocodiles, I could dream that the knowledgable representatives of 3rd party sw (SU/LO) could manage a list of approved/dangerous OS updates (crcodiles)!?

I had the same problem :sleepy:

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Similer Problem

2020 Normal Start

2021+2022 Not Start

only some Version Dev Chanal

I tried dozens of times and didn’t get any result

No, unfortunately you’ll have to roll back one or two times to a w11 build that is compatible.
& maybe think of suspending updates pro tem.
Best regards

In fear of a repetition of the problem when update 25217.1010 was launched on October 12 I paused the install. Does anybody know if it causes troubles too??