Sketchup not opening

hi,i use sketchup pro 2021 for my personal use.
i am using sketchup since an year and it was working so well but suddenly it stopped working.i tried it opeing but it doesn’t start. so, i tried reinstalling it an older version but the problem is still same my graphic card is also up to date my laptop also meets the requirements needed for sketchup still i installed sketchup checkup to know if their is anyhting more required .it was all good everything needed was their but still my sketchup doesnot open like i click on the sketchup icon as quickly as i click it open and closed back.
so if anythng i can do to make it start,please tell me.
i would really appreciate your help.

Are you using a developer preview version of Windows 11? There are numerous threads in this forum about the latest previews killing SketchUp. The solution is to roll back Windows to a build that works.