Can someone help me resolve this error?

This is the error that I am getting. I try to open up Sketchup, select a project and it instantly opens and closes…

I tried removing and reinstalling the program over and over, but it didn’t help, so i’m asking you guys for help.

Your profile says you are using Windows 11. What build?

It says in the corner of the screenshot

Preview 25227

221014 -1353

I couldn’t read that on my screen. Thanks.

@Flux there have been numerous reports of SketchUp and other applications not being functional with the current Preview versions of Windows 11. I’ve seen at least one user report that Windows has warned against using thrid party applications with the Preview build. The solution for those who’ve had problems has been to roll back Windows to before the Preview builds.

If this is a bug, I would consider it a bug in Windows that is breaking other applications. I expect when Windows 11 build becomes the release version, the SketchUp developers will work on required updates. Until then it probably makes no sense to even try because it’s a moving target.

so, unless sketchup updates it to win 11 i’m not possible to use it till then?

Or if Windows reverses the changes they made that broke the 3rd party applications… Or as I wrote, you can roll back to before you installed the Preview build.

There have also been issues with graphics drivers not yet being updated for the Preview build.

I would expect you received the same notices and warnings from Windows that the rest of us have about this. I decided to avoid the Preview build because I don’t have time for dealing with the problems it causes.

SketchUp 2022 is compatible with public releases of Windows 11

The version you are using is an experiemental version designed for developers so they can check how things work with upcoming changes . It’s a product for testing purposes

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I am able to open models in Windows 11 Insider edition. I think what you’re seeing is a crash related to which GPU is being used. Go into Graphics Settings, and Browse to here:

C:\Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUp 2022

Find SketchUp.exe in that folder, and add it to the list of apps that graphics settings knows about. Look at SketchUp in the list, and in Options set the GPU to be the high performance one. That should stop the crashing.

I’ve updated my windows 11 to the professional version. But it still shuts down immediately :confused:

Did you try updating the graphics drivers?

rtx 3060 drivers are updated

Are you still using the preview version?

Professional Windows 11 version right now

I gather the PC is a desktop. What brand is it? What are the rest of the specs? Does or did SketchUp run on Win 10 on this PC?

yes it’s an desktop, OMEN 25L HP Omen – GT12-0402nz (Intel Core i5-10400, 16 GB, 1000 GB, SSD) - Galaxus

I recently upgraded the GPU to a RTX 3060 DUAL OC 12GB. It’s the first time i try to run Sketchup on this PC.

Looking at the specs from HP, I see it was shipped with a single GPU and a 500W power supply. Try removing the 3060 cards and put the 2060 back in to see if the situation is caused by a lack of power.

i’ll try that