SketchUp 2022 crashes every time

Hi. SketchUp crashes every time after selecting anything from “Create New Model” area. Even crashes when i open my .skp files which i created with the same version of the app. Btw, i already set SketchUp to use NVIDIA GPU from graphics settings in both nvidia control panel and windows graphisc settings. Here’s the log i grabbed. Hope it helps fixing it. (4.5 KB)

What version of Windows 11 are you using?

I’m on Dev release channel. The version is 25217.1010. But i don’t think it’s Windows related, because i’m using sketchup with dev release windows versions for years.

There have been numerous other reports of SketchUp not working with the current development release of Windows 11. A search of the forum will turn them up. Most users have apparently rolled back to a previous version with success.

I see. But the real problem is, it was working with this exact windows version, then it suddenly stopped working. Should i report this to Microsoft too? Because they usually investigate reports from insider preview users.

Well, SketchUp 2022 hasn’t changed in months.

The first step in troubleshooting anything is to look at what has changed since it last worked. Another common reason for SketchUp to crash/quit is bad graphics drivers. Make sure the Nvidia card’s drivers are updated (go to the Nvidia site directly, don’t trust Windows to tell you if the drivers are up to date) and that they support this Windows release.

Wouldn’t hurt.

I kinda got an obsession of using latest of everything (windows, apps, drivers, etc.) so i’m officially up to date with everything. And i always disable windows update from updating drivers itself. Because windows ALWAYS downgrades drivers instead of updating them.

Let’s see what Microsoft thinks about this situation. And maybe i’ll try older builds of sketchup 2022 if i find one.

Why would you do that? Others who have had problems with SketchUp not working with the Windows 11 Dev build rolled back to an earlier version of Windows, not SketchUp.

You do understand don’t you that this means you are testing software to find the bugs and errors in it. It doesn’t mean you have the best software available, just the newest, untried, untested, potentially full of bugs. You are the release testers, your are doing it to find out that there is an issue with sketchup in their current build, so they can fix it before general release. I would never run dev software on a computer I needed to produce work with.


In my 6 years of being a dev channel member of Windows, this is the second time i got a major problem with Windows itself. I even used my apps without a problem with the very first build of Windows 11, which was considered as a bugfest. And %99 of the time, dev builds are stable (at least for me). So i just happened to be encountering that %1. Also, microsoft usually solves bugs in the first or second upcoming build after bugs being reported.

But i will listen to you guys anyways. Just reported this situation via microsoft’s Feedback Hub app. If this problem will continue to exist in the next windows build, i’ll quit using dev builds.

Sounds to me like you’ve been lucky.

If you need to use SketchUp, you should roll the OS back to a version it supports until such time as the Windows OS settles down and the SketchUp developers can update SketchUp. At this point the operating system is changing frequently enough that the SketchUp developers would be chasing a moving target and that’s a waste of time and resources.

You HAVE been lucky. I was in the insider program from the start of Win 10. I had numerous issues with software not working properly or at all. This is the reason I will NOT switch to Win 11.

It’s solved in latest dev release. Now it works.