SketchUp for Windows crash when I open it


I am experiencing an issue with my SketchUp 2022 program. When I attempt to open the program, it becomes unresponsive and closes after approximately five minutes. I have noted that there are two graphics cards installed on my laptop: Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630 and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti with Max-Q Design, both of which are up to date.

Can anyone help me identify the problem?


@Salma96 : We need more information to be able to help.
Does it crash when opening a specific file, with all files or with a new file?
Do you get a bugsplat? If so, are you sending them in with your info attached?
Which of the 2 graphics card is enabled when using SketchUp? (make the correct settings in the Nvidia app)
Did you allow Windows to update your drivers or did you download from Nvidia?

When this is happening with a specific file, upload it so we can test it to rule out if it’s the file or your setup.

Also update your forum profile. 2022 is not an operating system and you should add your Nvidia card!
This info is important when answering some types of questions!

Thank you for your response. I’ve noticed that it crashes when I open heavy files; however, when I open a new file, it works properly. Also, I don’t get a bugsplat when it crashes.

Previously, SketchUp utilized an integrated Intel graphics card, but I changed it to an NVIDIA card. Nevertheless, I encountered the same issue. I hopeI’m clear now.

So, it must be your workflow then.
As I said before, you have to share a problemfile for us to be able to help…