Sketch up crashing when trying to open file or creating new project

I recently bummed about sketchup crashing whenever i open a file or create new project. What happens is when i select template at the start up the tab pops up then immediately crashes without any bugsplats appearing. I tried uninstalling and reinstalled. I also tried the repair option still nothing works. I need help guys.

under Windows installing/repairing preferrably with admin rights by “Right clicking > Run as Admin” the SU setup executable.

And check that SU is running on your nVidia GeForce video card (see nVidia Control Panel (rclick desktop) > 3D Settings…) and not on a maybe available integrated intel (U)HD/Xe GPU… with the recent driver version installed of course.

I am having the same issue… tried the whole Nvidia Control panel thing and even tried to use the mesa3d github batch and still didn’t work… i installed a newer and an older sketchup version, had to pirate them, still didn’t work…

Also download and install the newest Nvidia driver from the Nvidia website.

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