Problems Opening Sketchup Pro 2020

When I go to open a new file or an exiting one that is saved, Sketchup will start to open and then crash before the ‘open’ is completed. It takes me three or four attempts sometimes to get the application running. After that, the app seems to run fine. Any idea what could cause this?

Two fairly common possibilities.

  1. Incorrect installation: Make sure you installed SketchUp correctly by right clicking on the downloaded installer file and select Run as administrator from the Context menu.
  2. Inadequate graphics card or outdated drivers. Your profile indicates Nvidia graphics. What model card is it? Make sure its drivers are current. Check at the Nvidia site, don’t trust SketchUp to tell you that. And make sure the the Nvidia card is set up to be used by SketchUp and not the integrated graphics.

Ok Dave, I will check those things, Thank you for such a quick response!

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In addition to Dave’s suggestions, if you have more than one monitor, try getting going with only one monitor.

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