Sketchup does not start after win 10 update


hey community,
i’ve been having the problem for a few hours that sketchup won’t start after a win 10 udate. layout, stylebuilder etc behave normally, does anyone know the problem?

SketchUp does not start

Exactly what happens when you attempt to start SketchUp?


the computer starts thinking for 7 secends and then nothing happens, reinstalled twice


Reinstalled what twice? SketchUp? When you did that, did you right click on the installer file and choose Run as administrator? If not, do that now and when the option is presented, select Repair.


reinstalled sketchup twice, did it noe the third time as an administrator … no changes,
ich have the german version, tried the compatibility thing


Does that mean you right clicked on the installer and chose Run as administrator? Or did you do something else?


administrator and now also repair, no change


i also deinstalled the win updates


Cold reboot?


no change … also updated bios


thanks for help so far.
i have to run home!


update your graphics card driver to the recent version 417.35 (12.12.2018) if not already done.


Yes this is usually the solution when Windows does an update… somehow it breaks the driver… usually Intel. Updating that will likely fix the issue.


hey, did the update, did not help


update didn´t help any more suggestions?


did you have installed any plugins resp. extensions before the issue has arised?


Did you update your graphics card by going to the company website?

See this post:


hey neil, thank you for your post, i updated it to the newest version from the company page, that didn´t help


Have you disabled your plugin folder to see if it opens without extensions.

Have you tried ‘I think it is’ Shift+SU to open a refreshed version, not the last version.

Have you checked that it isn’t opening off screen.


Getting the same problem, sketchup is not opening off screen, it opens for half a second in task manager with a windows error report aside. Both of them disappeared within 2 seconds