SketchUp 2017 Will Not Load under Windows 10 Creators Update

I installed the latest version of Windows 10 (64 bit) Creators Update today (it will be released next week, but you can get it today) and now SketchUp will not load. It gives me a bug splat instead of the opening screen.
Tried several fixes: uninstalled SketchUp and the C++ redistributables. Reinstalled (as Admin), but no luck. Still will not run. Downloaded and installed latest NVidia video driver just in case … still no go. Removed all extensions; still no luck.
I know this is a new OS version, but does anyone have any idea where to investigate for a fix? Thanks.

Make sure you send in the bugsplat reports !
And report the crash report number in his thread.

Since BugSplat is trapping the crashes, it may be that WIndows Error Reporting will not be creating reports of it own. (If you were getting crashes with no BugSplat, then I’d tell you to use Event viewer to see if WER was trapping any application errors and generating reports. Search the forum on “WER” for more info and discussion.)

Thanks for your reply.
Reports sent on each crash. Crash Report #135163 is the latest.

Will check WER later today.

Had a free minute, so I checked WER. The folder is empty.

BTW, when I run SketchUp 2017 System CheckUp, it crashes just before presenting the results. Not sure if this is related to the SketchUp crash, but it always worked for me before Windows 10 Creators Update.

I would also check for a graphics driver update. Or then Microsoft has (again) broken SketchUp, like they did with a security update a couple of weeks ago.


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Thanks for the input.
Updated Nvidia driver as part of my “troubleshooting.” Not the solution.

When you say ‘[re]installed as admin’, do you mean you followed the approved method ?

Select the installed exe file’s icon, right-click > context-menu > “Run as administrator”

Doing an app’s installation in any other way - e.g. while logged on as the admin, or as another user double-clicking the icon to run it - even when your user has admin-powers - is NOT sufficient.

You might be able to fix the current installation by following the steps above, and then choosing ‘Repair’ when prompted…

Yes, I followed the approved method.

I found your crashes - they’re all in nvoglv64.dll, which is part of the video driver.


Thanks. Maybe I’ll go back to a previous driver.

BTW, how did you determine that was where the crashes were occurring?

If nvoglv64.dll show up in the call stack near the point of the crash, you just google nvoglv64.dll… for me today, the top 4 results are:
Access violation in nvoglv32.dll - how do I track down the problem…
Why does MATLAB crash with ‘nvoglv64.dll’ in the stack trace…
Frequent crashes with nvoglv64.dll and nvwgf2umx.dll…


Based on your information, I tried 3 versions of the Nvidia drivers for my GTX-760 video card. Here’s what I found:

Version 381.65 (released for WINDOWS 10 Creators Update) - SketchUp 2017 will not load.
Version 376.33 - Works fine
Version 376.19 - Works fine

So, I went back to Version 376.33 and am back designing in SketchUp.

Perhaps Nvidia did something in the driver that is not compatible with this early release of the Crreators Update, but will be ok when the 11 April version is released.

Thanks again for everyone’s help. I appreciate it.


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Hi Dave,

thanks for the detailed troubleshooting and reply. Knowing the exact version numbers is super helpful. Our QA group is now aware of this issue and they’ll keep an eye on it.


I am running 381.65 on a 1050ti with no issues going back to version 15063 without the patches. I am now on version 16170 ( insider program) still stable and no issues.

Thanks. I’m using a GTX-760. Don’t understand the issue, but at least I’m up and running with the older driver.

And now that you found a good driver, remember if a new driver update fails to please, you can roll back to the good old driver through Device Manager (simply do a search in Start) > Display adapters > r-click on your listed card > Properties > driver > Roll Back Driver.

PS, I have the same card, but work on Win 7.

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Thanks for the input.

Unfortunately Joy, this is not working correctly with the GeForce Nvidia drivers, (… and has been this way for some time.)

Game Ready Driver Release Notes (v381.65)

See page 25:
Do Not Use Windows Rollback for Graphics Drivers
Uninstalling Drivers Using Device Manager is Not Supported

FYI, the link to each driver version’s release notes PDF document, is at the bottom of it’s download page, in the section labeled, “Additional Information”.

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