SketchUp 2017 Will Not Load under Windows 10 Creators Update

I have an update to the info I have already posted.

I tried the Nvidia graphics driver (Version 381.65) on a computer with Windows 10 Creators Update with a GTX-960 video card and SketchUp 2017 worked fine.

So, in my little world, there is some conflict with the driver and Windows 10 with the GTX-760, but not the GTX-960. Similar to what RLGL posted about the 1050ti.

I don’t understand the problem, just reporting what I found.


Thanks, Dan.

I always uninstall the old drivers and then install the new one. So, I guess that is not “rolling back.”


After updating one of our lab systems to Win 10 Creator I’m not seeing any issues with SU 2017. The system is equipped with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M graphics card with driver 381.65. No problems launching, modeling, saving, etc.

Strange, but true solution. After Microsoft updated Windows 10 on 12 Apr (Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1703 for x64-based Systems (KB4015583)), I reinstalled the Nvidia driver version 381.65. And, SketchUp works fine.

All I can conclude was there was some issue between the early version of Windows Creators Update (pre Apr 11) and the video driver (Version 381.65). All is well now.

Sorry to bother everyone. And, thanks for the inputs … With your help, I learned a few new things dealing with this issue.



Hi Dave,

Thanks for following up with this update. I’m glad to hear everything is working again for you.


You didn’t. You gave good info.

It appears that there are other people also having issues in the Nvidia forums:

#2: ManuelGuzman, Nvidia Customer Care

Please note: This driver release is our official Windows 10 Creators Update supported driver. If you are reporting a Windows 10 software issue, please make sure to indicate if you are on Windows 10 Anniversary Update or Windows 10 Creators Update. Thank you

Issues and updates
-Driver 381.65 will not detect GPU in some Asus notebooks
-Brightness controls stopped working after driver 381.65 update - Please submit your notebook make and model in the driver feedback thread:
-DSR resolutions may not be visible in apps until reboot in Windows 10 Creators Update
-Games may appear washed out in Windows 10 Creators Update with HDR enabled. Windows 10 Creators Update manages HDR controls overriding NVIDIA HDR.
-Custom ICC profiles/NVIDIA color settings are lost when you launch a game:
ICC profiles / NVIDIA custom color profiles lost after entering a game in Windows 10 Creators Update | NVIDIA

oh well, here’s a forum search on “Creators Update” with 9 pages of hits:

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If people still are having problems they can try running it in compatibility mode :slight_smile: if that helps somehow…
still updating the drivers should solve that little problem…

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won’t help much because this fakes the reported Windows version number requested by an application only but doesn’t change neither the OGL support of the graphics driver nor the application interface of the operating system.

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Strangely enough - I had no issues after the Windows 10 creators update - however - after the NVIDIA update to the latest - thats when things got ugly.

Both Pronterface (for my 3d printer) and Sketchup wouldn’t load. I did roll back the graphics driver - pronterface wouldn’t load still - just an immediate crash - however - Sketchup now works - and pronterface started working after Sketchup launched successfully.

I would say that NVIDIA certained screwed something up on this update. I only wish that Microsoft would have added Reprap support to the creators update - their 3D printer driver setup would be a nice change - but I don’t want to have to buy a a commercial 3D printer to use it.

Could you post the version number that gave you trouble and the one you rolled back to?

I was last working on Version 381.65 - and the upgrade to 381.89 broke Pronterface, my TrackIR gui and SketchUp.

Steps to fix before downgrading the video driver included looking to see if I could reverse the creators update, an anti-spyware scan (just in case, nothing found), and I even reinstalled the affected applications after trying the compatibility troubleshooting wizards. The application logs were entirely useless as well - said there was a crash, but had no codes or anything special to help dig deeper.

After everything else failed, I installed the 381.65 driver - and I removed support for VR in the process (using custom install), and did a clean installation.

Everything is back to normal.

nVidia just pushed out a driver update 382.05. Does anyone know if this fixes the nvogl crash with Windows 10 Creator’s Update?

Here is a link to the release notes:

Windows 10 Creators Edition is now flagging this program as “incompatible”

Nvidia @ 382.33
Windows @ 10.0.15063

Mine just opens in Task Manager and burns through 15% CPU while doing nothing and not opening. Each instance I open eats another 14-15% CPU until maxed out.

I did get it to work using compatibility windows 8 mode, but it died again. If I uninstall it and reinstall it, it’ll usually work for 1 reboot or so. “Repair” does nothing to help.

I tried the Nvidia graphics driver (Version 381.65) on a computer with Windows 10 Creators Update . I only wish that Microsoft would have added Rep rap support to the creators update - their 3D printer driver setup would be a nice change

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