Sketchup Crashing on Windows 10

I had Sketchup 2018 installed, and I updated my Windows 7 system to Windows 10. After the update when I launched Sketchup it would just crash and want to send an error report. When I try to view the crash details it will not let me click it. So I uninstalled 2018, and installed 2020.1 thinking an updated version may work. Well still having an issue. When I open the application I get the Welcome to Sketchup window. After selecting “Simple Inches” it just crashes. How can I troubleshoot this? Where are the crash logs located?

I installed GLView and my open GL is fine. I installed the latest Intel graphics driver. As I stated 2018 was working perfect until the Windows 10 update.

Running as admin did not work either. I also installed as admin.

Is there anything significant about which monitor is being used? For example, does the welcome screen appear on one monitor, and the document starts to appear on another monitor, as the crash happens? Are you using a docking station of any sort?

No its a laptop hp elitebook 840. There is some issue with the intel drivers. Trying to figure out what.

So there seems to be some problem with the intel graphics chip on Windows 10 specifically. If anyone else has ran into this please let me know.

Get the latest drivers from Intel not Windoze.

Which Intel GPU does your computer have.

As RLGL indicates, make sure you have the latest drivers from Intel. Don’t trust Windows to tell you. Keep in mind that automatic Windows updates often include Intel graphics driver updates and it’s not unusual for those drivers to break things. If you get a good driver from Intel, save a copy of it in case a Windows update screws it up.

When you installed SketchUp did you right click on the downloaded installer and choose Run as administrator from the context menu?

I have the 5500 series. Driver is updated that is what caused the crash lol. Still looking for a solution.

Yes I installed as admin