SKP crashes instantly after its open

Yesterday and days before everything was fine, today, after Windows 10 update, which was happened 2-3 days ago, something went wrong with Sketchup. After opening program runs just for few seconds and then instantly crashes. Updating graphic card diver, reinstaling program, restarting computer for few times didn’t solve anything. I have Intel i7 4GHz, 32 GB RAM and x2 GTX 1080Ti cards, newest SKP version.
Does anyone have any idea how can I solve it?

Check that the Windows update hasn’t reset your system to use an integrated graphics for SketchUp instead of your GTX. This effect has been reported by many people when Windows 10 does an update.

Can you tell me how to check to see if my Windows 10 update reset my system to use an integrated graphics for SketchUp instead of GTX. I don’t know what either of those are. Need steps for “dummies” :slight_smile:

The problem is still not solved yet. I have changed Nvidia Panel settings that sketchup now runs on GTX, I have set on Windows graphic settings that the program runs on high performance + GTX and then my ideas what to do next my have run out. Eh… I can’t use sketchup anymore what is frustrating.

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