SketchUp June 8 2021.1 update crashes (unable to start)

I’ve try too. But don’t work. SKP crash.

I have the same problem. Just updated Sketchup pro yesterday (on two computers) and now both are crashing like crazy. Crashing during file open & crashing any time i install an extension from the trimble warehouse. yikes

If you see a bugsplat window, can you send it in? Include your details so that I can then find the crash report.

Hi - attached is one such example
What details do you need?Thanks !

When you send those in there is a space for your name and your email. That’s what I would normally search for. You didn’t fill those in, but I can also find it from the crash number.

You have several sets of extensions from the same developers. Do you find you get a crash when installing a second or later extension from the same developer? Does the newly installed extension work when you reopen SketchUp?

i only noticed this behaviour (on both computers) after installing yesterday’s update - and i dont know if this is specific to any one developer , but i noticed that the extension would install - sketchup crashes - then when reopening sketchup the extension was there, installed and working as expected.
I tried deleting the webcache folder - i thought that was helping, but then the crashes started happening again.

Thanks. It is an issue that we know about. It’s the weekend now, but I will see if I can post an update on how that’s going early in the week. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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I imagine that some time soon there will be a post in the forum about a SketchUp update. Haven’t seen one appear yet, but the release notes page is updated. One of the fixed items is to do with crashing that can happen when installing certain extensions. Here’s the release notes:

The downloads page has been updated:

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OK thanks. I found that i can avoid the crashing that was occurring when switching files - by first starting a new drawing, and then only after that opening up a pre-existing file. that seems to prevent some crashes

Hi Colin - there is one other feature of the latest release that i have noticed.
LAYOUT no longer seems to be able to handle text bullets or numbering. Any text that i have created in Layout will no longer print correctly if it was numbered or bulleted.

I will try that. There was a LayOut PDF export issue fixed, hopefully that didn’t have this as a side effect.

I tried a test, and bullets and numbers seem to print ok. Do you have a small example file I can try?

Sorry - I am only “exporting” to PDF - thats where i saw the problem. I tried printing to PDF instead, but it wasnt working for me (i guess some conflict with my PDF plotter).

Colin are you printing or exporting?

For me printing is fine but it’s the export to PDF that is still broken.

I had tried print preview and actual print. I see that bullets exported to PDF gave squares in the fonts that I tried. Also the numbers looked a bit big.

Print to Microsoft PDF gives me bullets and correct size numbers.

@Adam and @trent may have some insights.

Hi Colin - here is an example. I started a new Layout document and made a text box then gave it a list format (numbered).
Export to PDF and this is what happens (ignore the beige tone rectangle).

Printing that as a PDF instead of exporting seems to work OK, but for me that doesnt solve the problem since i cant seem to successfully PDF print to 24x36 inch size on my computer.

I did find some articles on how to add 24x36 to the list for print to PDF, but the steps seemed slightly daunting.

Curiously, a bullet character exports ok. •

Hi Colin - here is another example - i cant create a PDF from LAYOUT with bullets or numbering - it just gets garbled like this.

See what Trent said here: