SKP 2021 crashes


I have use skp 2021 for a couples of days now and it stopped working.
Everytime I open the program it crashes, with no notification.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled it several times. I also have uninstalled it, turned off my pc and the reinstalled it.
Nothing is working. I need urgent help since I am working on a project which I created in skp 2021.

Also I download skp 2020, which works fine, but I cant open the file which i created in skp 2021, which is the one I need to work on.

I have windows 10 pro with all the specs needed.

Can someone help me?

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Have you tried a ‘Repair’ ?

Log in to Windows as your usual user-account…
Find the relevant SketchUp installer exe file - usually in your Downloads folder ?
Select its icon, right-click > context-menu > “Run as administrator”
When prompted choose “Repair”
After it completes restart SketchUp 2021 and see what happens…

It’s important to run any complex app’s exe this way…
Do not double-click the installer’s exe icon to ‘Run’ it - it’s not the same thing - even if your user-account has admin powers…


I did the repair now and still have the same problem.
I also reinstalled it how you described it, also the same problem.

Is SU crashing with all your model files?

Are you opening SU by clicking the model file?

Can you open SU directly, i.e. clicking the .exe file?

Are you able to share the file that you have the problem with…?

In addition to the other suggestions, SketchUp was updated yesterday. If you were trying with an installer that you downloaded more than 20 hours ago, it would be worth trying the new version. You can get the installer from this page:

If you are still stuck, and don’t mind doing this, put any of your 2021 models online somewhere, and I can send back 2020 version files.

How did you solve this? I have the same issue.

Some plugins will crash the Sketchup2021 without any notification, even the plugin work fine in Sketchup 2019.