PDF export bug; indented text larger font in export

Using SU Pro Version 21.1.279 and exporting to pdf

Finding that any text I have in Layout that that includes a indentation is changing font size in the pdf export after the indentation. The bug is showing up in text entities placed in the drawing and in the case below, the auto text in my title block. See below:
In Layout:

Resulting PDF:

I have tried various fonts and settings with no change. Anyone else having this issue?

Other font export glitches remain, but this one was AFAIK corrected in the latest maintenance release to SketchUp (21.1.299)

Hi guidepro, we are aware of this and are working on a solution for it. The only workaround for this now is to print to pdf vs. export.

Here are a couple other posts that talk about this.

We are sorry for the trouble this has caused.

I’ll try the update, thank you!