SketchUp is throwing the "Failed To Save Document" Error

So I’ve been running into this lately. My SketchUp keeps throwing the Failed to Save Document error. It’s only on certain files it seems, with extensive cad formats imported into them.

For example I’m working on building out a gate for a Hockey arena, and I’ve got a couple floors worth of cad plans for the whole building imported. I was able to save one file to the desktop. But now it’s throwing the “Invalid File Path” error when autosaving and now I can’t save it anywhere else.

It just creates .tmp files in the new locations. Even with new names it still fails to save the document. I can’t afford to restart this file right now.

Anyone have any ideas?


Here’s an Edit to this post:

It now won’t let me copy into another file. One of the floorplans will copy/cut out of the original file, but won’t paste into the new one. I officially don’t understand what’s going on.

Not sure if this is your issue but I sometimes get similar errors because I often am working on a file that is saving to dropbox. If its a bigger file and can take longer to save it sometimes has conflict when saving as it is simultaneously being backed up?

I could see that if I was saving to our file server. But this was a file residing on my desktop and was for some reason preventing me from saving anywhere else on my local machine. I ended up having to copy most of it into a new file. Then close and reopen it. I copied the rest and so far I haven’t had any issues in the last hour or so.

Super Weird

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Just started having the same issue this morning - also working on a large DWG base linework [26Mb] building a new SU model over the top - first got a message saying “autosave path was invalid”, then when trying to save got a “Failed to save document” message.

Files are all on my PC,
no network saves ,
harddrives are not full…
. any help appreciated

I was happily working on the file yesterday with no issues

about to check if another bloody W10 update happened overnight :wink:

THanks George - I think is was just a typical mess of an autocad drawing with multiple clipped xrefs and 300+ layers + bloobk inserted multiple times on top of one another with layers embedded in the blocks and the blocks inserted in entirely different and misnamed layers … don’t you love Autocad ???

Those darlings?
Don’t get me started. :roll_eyes:

I’m also working in a file imported from CAD, but it is not too large.

So I copied everything and pasted it into a new file. Worked perfectly.
but we still do not know what is causing this error.

Hey Guys,

So I’ve got a new one for you… I converted a Revit file and FINISHED editing and cleaning it up. Saved the file. Everything is good. A coworker came over to my desk and was asking me about said workflow.

As we’re sitting there it throws this error, and won’t save the file henceforth. I tried manually saving because the autosave wouldn’t save. Can’t get it to save. Figure oh well it’s already saved.

I closed SketchUp to try and reopen the file. Now SketchUp is saying it’s an “Unexpected Format” and won’t open the file. So now my 2 hours of work is somehow corrupted and I have to do it again.

Does Anyone know why this error occurs? This is probably the worst thing SketchUp has ever done to me lol



I’ve been having the same problems in the last 6 months. I have been working in SketchUp for 12 years now and the process I use hasn’t changed much for the large scale modelling of sites using CAD plans and yet more times than not now I end up getting the ‘failed to save document’.

I’ve been searching for an alternative for ages and nobody seems to know why? It’s to do with the large .dwg files that are imported, I get that, but these files worked a year ago so why now do they cause it to fail?

If anyone has any more ideas but so far nothing works to fix it. Agreed it’s the worst thing as you don’t know when it’s going to happen, you save the initial import then begin working. It then allows you to save it a few times before throwing up the ‘failed to save’ and like you say you can’t copy anything out. With no work around it almost makes it impossible to use the .dwg files to model

I know this thread is a bit old, but I have recently experienced the same issue - interestingly also with a model in which the buildings in the scene are imported from Revit. I wonder if the vast numbers of identical components which result from block instances in Revit not being handled well during conversion to dwg or import, is part of the problem?

I found a workaround. I managed to make a component of the entire model and then use SaveAs from the context menu. I have done this a couple of times now, and managed to retain my work. The new file seems to behave OK. I hope it helps a few other folk…

I have had the same problem but with models created in sketch up. We have had models that have save with out any problem, but when that model is placed in another model as a component, the new model will not save. In the past I had been able to simply take the file to another computer and it would save just fine. I’m currently struggling with a file, I simply can’t place in another model and have the new model save. Any suggestions would be welcome. (I have checked and it has nothing to do with having proper access to the drive)

Okay so I might have found a solution to this problem. Go to Window>model info>statistics>fix problems>purge unused.

  1. Purge entire model then select components and purge that too. This resolved mine.

Continuing the discussion from SketchUp is throwing the "Failed To Save Document" Error:

This has been happening to me since I can remember in SketchUp. The only workaround I’ve found that helps is this…

I create an empty drawing with all my CAD layers (Plans / Elevations / Whatever) and import that as a component into my main drawing. I make sure to use the same origin points.

Now when I randomly, and for no reason that I’ve ever been able to figure out, run into a “failed to save” issue… I delete the CAD component, purge the model & save. Create a new component at the origin and replace it with the CAD component again… saves fine afterwards. Rinse and repeat as often as SketchUp likes to throw out the error.

I was in the process of replacing/consolidating Autocad components (the file was auto-generated from another service), and some sub components had gotten stuck on [layer: null] somehow. After moving them onto Layer0 and purging unused components, the file saved!

basically the problem can be solved by moving to another storage, for example drive C: or My Documents. then the file can be saved. the problem is because drive D: or storage is full.