SketchUp Can't Save the File


I don’t know why this is happening. This is an entirely unknown issue for me. I’m trying to save a file and for some reason SketchUp keeps flashing the “Failed to Save File” error. Instead of saving the file, it creates a .tmp file in with the original save location.

I’ve tried saving the file in various places and it will not save. I was getting an error earlier about the folder location for “Models” being incorrect or not having the right permissions and I don’t know why in the last couple of days its started flashing that error. I’ve been using SketchUp for several years now and not once has it ever flashed this error, and I’ve never changed from the defaults on the save locations.

Anyone have any ideas? I’ve been doing model cleanup on this file because the Revit conversion created at 500MB sketchUp file. I’ve managed to get it down to 176 MB with the help of Purge All, and CleanUp3 plugins. Now that I’ve added textures I’m starting to get this error and I don’t want to have to undo all the work I’ve done today.



What version of SketchUp? Where are you trying to save the file to?

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what does the .tmp file contain?

can you open it in Text Edit?


@DaveR I’m running SketchUp 18 and I’m trying to save to a file on my local hard drive. However I did try saving to our office’s server under a new file name and it still wouldn’t save.

An update to this is that I found an Autosave file from about 20 minutes ago. I closed the main file and opened the autosave. I was in fact able to resave that as something else in a different location.

@john_drivenupthewall how does one open .tmp files? Is there a specific app? or… is that what Text Edit is? lol

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