SketchUp Failed to save file. Error

Ok. I have just downloaded the latest Sketchup 2019 .3 for Mac, thinking this would stop the problem.

The problem being that SketchUp cannot save the file. Not Save or Save as. I have tried shutting down the app and it prompts to save the file and then it can’t. I dont know what has changed from last week. All the forum chat doesn’t seem to address this specifically. This is the latest SketchUp 2019, version 3 on a MacBook Pro, sporting Mojave 10.14.5. I can’t save any files on Sketch Up.

Any ideas??

I confess that I don’t know a solution; I am not experiencing this when running SketchUp 19.3.252 on Mojave 10.14.6. Are you trying to save to a networked or cloud drive? I don’t know the technical explanation, but there are known issues with such services somehow interfering with how SketchUp saves files.

Can you share a screenshot of the error message?

Are you trying to save the model to your local drive or to a cloud drive (e.g. Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive)?

Hi mchandler,
Just saving to my local drive. The hard drive on my computer, as normal.

Can you access the Folder under [menu]SketchUp->Preferences->Folders-> Models?

Hi Mike,
Do you mean

Can you access the Folder under [menu]SketchUp->Preferences->Files-> Models?

Yes I can?

What is the path to your models folder?

For example: /Users/mchandl/Documents

Also, is that folder being sync’d to iCloud, Google drive, etc?

Thanks Mark,
I changed the path. Not sure If an update had altered it previously.

I can now save my files again.

Thanks for being patient.

Kind regards

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