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Hello! I spent a bunch of time searching before asking here but I cant seem to find an answer that pertains to my specific information. This problem just starting happening over the past week. Two different files. I will be working along and I get a “Failed to save document error”. I haven’t changed anything. The file locations are the default set by sketchup and are on the local drive. The file is on the local drive. Read/ write permissions haven’t changed. I have imported Autocad linework for a floor plan. When is tries to autosave it seems to point to the “models” file location as the culprit. Currently set for C:\Users\Gary\Documents. I am working on trying to copy all content into a new file and that might be a workaround but I really want to understand why this is happening when I have never had this issue before.sketchup error2 sketchup error sketchup error2 sketchup error

While I don’t know if this is your problem, a Windows update at one point added a .000 to my file paths. So it looked like C:\Users\Gary.000\Documents. So you might take a look at that.

Changed file path

Good thought. Thanks for the suggestion. That doesn’t seem to be the issue.

When you open a skp file from a specific location on your drive, SketchUp tries to save changes that same location and also to do Autosaves there. The File Locations Models: item controls where it will save a new file, but it won’t move an existing file there from somewhere else. The error message is telling you that the file came from the F: drive (or at least SketchUp thinks so) and there is a problem saving there. What is/was your F: drive? Might it be an external or shared drive that you have since disconnected, or that is locked by someone else sharing it?

Gotcha. This is my home computer. It just another 8TB 7200 RPM hard drive where I store my project files. I have been working the same way for years and have never seen this issue. So strange. Maybe it was due to a windows update.

Sketchup can be rather sensitive to file locations If they are in any way interruptable when writing to the file. Network connection, synced folders, Dropbox links can cause issues.
Is the external drive hard wired? Is it making backups?

That is good to know. I am just surprised to see this behavior all of a sudden. I have probably used sketchup for close to 15 years and never had an issue. And now I have it on 2 files. The drive is a local internal hard drive, hard wired. It does sometimes take a minute to spin up if it hasnt been accessed for a while. Maybe it doesnt get up to speed in time before Sketchup gives up? Although I did try to save this file to my desktop and received the same error… Very confusing.

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