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HELP I have a meeting in the morning :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to be able to scale a model in the viewer to 1:1 scale and then select a spot on the model for it to generate my perspective point from. It seems like this feature is no longer available. We used to use it to place landscapes and buildings on site for clients but I cant seem to find where this feature is on the new sketchup for Ipad. Is the viewer discontinued?

I am able to find the AR model in the new Ipad sketchup but when I scale it 1:1 it wont allow me to place my point to generate the model from. It just appears floating above my head.

I think in the viewer it was called immersive mode.

The model should go into AR mode at 1:1 by default.
Once the model shows up, you can place it in the space by moving one finger around.
You can also rotate into place with two fingers - just don’t pinch or you will zoom.
I find it easiest to keep my thumb stationary and move my index finger to rotate.
If you zoom accidentally while orbiting, you’ll see a 1:1 button show up, which you can push to get back to 1:1 scale.

I used to be able to reference a point on the model by tapping where I was standing in reality and it would create that as the center point, now the model floats above my head and I can’t move it on the z axis

Unfortunately, I have not used the previous versions, so I cannot speak to what used to be.
I would make sure you are on the latest SketchUp for iPad version.
You can reset tracking, and show the grid in which the model will be placed.
This makes it so you can select the ground, or maybe a conference table.

@KeeneArchitecture thanks for the questions and for your feedback about the AR model viewing feature.

With this latest version, I’d recommend leveraging SketchUp’s Scenes capability to create markers in the model in places where you’d like to be able to stand in AR.

The steps would look something like this:

  1. When in the standard model viewing space, activate the Position Camera tool set the eye height to whatever works for you.
  2. Tap to place a camera at a point in the model where you want to stand in AR.
  3. With the Look Around tool, aim the camera in the direction you think you’ll want to point your iPad when you’re standing in the real world, viewing the model in AR.
  4. Create a scene to save the view.
  5. Rinse/repeat as many times as you’d like.
  6. You can then activate the AR model viewing mode and place the model at an arbitrary spot, and at an arbitrary scale.
  7. Open the scenes panel while in AR
  8. Hold your iPad at approx eye level, point the iPad in the direction of a corresponding scene, and then tap to activate that scene.

This workflow can help you to not only stand at a point of interest in the model, but also to more easily align the SketchUp model to a real-world location.


As I started reading this thread I was thinking that the best way to deal with model positioning in AR should be via Position Camera. Then I read your post with the suggested workflow and there it is… Congratulations @MikeTadros !

Hmm, it might nice to see a video of that.

Oooh, good call! I’ll add it to the list of videos we’re wanting to make.

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Did you ever make this video?

There is something that our firm hasn’t quite figured out. We used to be able to walk around a house model on site… It seems with this new method, it fixes the model a set distance from the ipad. It looks like no matter how close I walk to the model it won’t let me walk around it?

Do I need to anticipate every location that our clients wish to view their model ahead of time?

I followed your steps and it works very nice if the case were that I knew every angle the client wishes to view their house from in AR. Before, I could walk around the AR model. Am I using it wrong, perhaps?

I am also trying to view a Sketchup model on site and walk around in it. I was able to do this a few years ago…We would really appreciate the help.

The AR button is more hidden these days. When you have your model open, touch the bottom left tool, and another row of buttons shows up. AR is the rightmost one of those.