Change height in Sketchup AR Viewer for iPad

How do I change the height/ground level of my model when viewed in AR on the iPad?
I can scale, rotate and move the model just fine, but the model is always floating about a meter above the ground, and I can’t move it up or down.

Hi @kasper_lk, the best way to ensure proper eye height while viewing a model in AR, is to set up a scene with the desired eye height, and then activate that scene from the Scenes panel, while in AR.

Planning ahead by using Scenes is also an effective way to align the rotation of your model to an existing location – by standing at the same location and by pointing your iPad in the same direction, in the real world, to match the scene camera that you’ve created in the SketchUp model.

The eye height seems to be ok, and follows where I point the iPad.
On the attached image I kneel down, and can look under the model. The edge, marked with read, should align with the blue edge, but I can’t move the model up or down.


Thanks for the update Kasper. Is the bottom of the firepit in line with the ground plane in your SketchUp model, or is it also floating up off the ground a bit in SketchUp?

The trick is to make sure that when you activate the Scene while in AR, your iPad’s camera is located at approximately the same height above the base of the firepit, to match the relative camera height in the scene that you created in the SketchUp model.

For example, if the firepit is at ground level in your SketchUp model, and if, when holding your iPad out in front of you, you approximate that the camera is level with your eye height (say, 5’ - 4"), then you could activate either the Look Around tool, or Walk tool in SketchUp and use the Measurements box to set the SketchUp camera to 5’4". After that, make sure to update your scene and that should do the trick.

(I’ll go ahead and log a ticket in our system to offer a simpler way for you to get this task done while in AR)