I need some advice on how to display my model in AR-Mode

I am trying to display my model in AR-Mode. The ground level of my model is always displayed approx. 1,5 m above real ground. How to correct?

Could you share a link to the model?

Is your model 1.5 m above the ground? It may be that it’s loading in relative to it’s position in space as you’ve modeled it. Share model or link to 3DW to confirm.

Yes, share your model and let’s have a look…
However, I also experience this, especially with large models when viewing 1:1. No matter where I place the origin the model in AR appears to be floating above the ground instead of on it. I have tried artificially lowering the model below the origin but it does not really help. I have come to believe it is a quirk of the AR mapping and visualizing, I am struggling to overcome.

Ive seen a small ‘air gap’ (as I call it) as well. But not 1.5m That seems too high but I’ve been wrong in the past! :wink:

Yeah it seams to vary, probably on the quirks of my ipad lidar mapping the space. Sometimes it’s less, but on a recent 80’ x 80’ model I could easily crouch down and look up at the bottom side of the floor which I feel should be impossible. I’m still working out how to best handle larger models in 1:1.

I just tested it again and see a few inches. I wonder what may cause more than that? I’ll ping @TheGuz and see if he knows more. Here is a video I did on the process for anyone curious: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEvpam_wmGk

And a capture taken just now…of course my office is too small to fit a bike storage but this was testing the height above ground.

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Cool. Solving this has been on my back burner. I’ll try again and send some screenshots of how it goes for me. Are you on an ipad pro for this?

Yes. iPad Pro 2nd Gen. iPad OS 16.

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Here is a link to the model. Displayed in 1:1 the bottom of the model (floor) is about 1,5 m above real ground

Yes I am on iPad Pro

Did anyone check the problem with my reference model?