Trouble scaling and moving the model to the right position in AR

I put in two scenes which was recommended else where but they don’t work. I moved the coordinate system at footlevel. Even though the model is meters and measures well, in the AR view 1:1 it is a tiny model. Zooming in and the model starts flowting over my head - two finger pinching has no effect at all. Clicking on the scenes which work well without AR have no effect nothing is changing. Any idea what I can do or rather am doing wrong.

Hi @kjems, thanks for your post, and apologies for the trouble you’re having with AR. Can you please confirm for me which version of the app you’re using, and also, which version of iPadOS you’re using?

I checked the AppStore and am sure to ude the newest version of SketchUp and I am on IOS 16.1

Thanks for the additional info. Did some checking… and I’m able to reproduce the issue you reported. It seems to only appear on iOS16. I’ll get the issue filed on our end and we’ll get a fix in the works.

Great, unfortunately my meeting with the developer is tomorrow. Is there any workaround or another way to show my Sketchup model on site?

I’m sorry about the :poop:-y timing.

The articles I found online for reverting from iPadOS 16 to iPadOS 15, seem complicated and time-consuming… and I wouldn’t want to suggest that you do something I haven’t done myself – but I retested using an iPad that’s still on iPadOS 15 and the immersive scenes are working for me there.

The only other thing I can offer, is the 1:1 button that shows up in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen when you’re in AR mode. When you tap that button, the app should place you at the model Origin (the 0,0,0 point of the axes). With that said, you could position your model relative to the axes to have at least one spot for jumping into immersive in a predictable way.

Hi Mike, Im having the same issue, however the 1:1 scale places me at what looks like to be the average center of my geometry, not on the axis.

Sigh… :anguished:
I just bumped this to the top of the list…
Will hopefully have something available by the end of the week. & Apologies, again, for the disruption that this has caused for you this week.

@KeeneArchitecture I want to make sure too, because I inadvertently omitted a bit of critical info, presuming that you were trying to set up interior scenes to view in an immersive AR scenario… but I was just looking at the screenshot of SU for iPad that you posted in the other thread, and saw the model of the house you’re working on… so, additional FYI, for when we do get the bug fixed…

The app knows to put you into an “immersive” AR view based on it detecting that the camera for the scene is positioned at an ‘eye height’ (between 3’ → 14’) above some sort of geometry (i.e. a floor). If the camera is positioned out in space, with nothing below it, then the app won’t transition to immersive.

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Thank you so much, Mike. We really appreciate the Sketchup team!

@KeeneArchitecture In today’s release of v6.1.2 we believe that we’ve fixed the issues that you were experiencing when trying to view immersive scenes in AR.
Please let me know if you experience otherwise, and thanks for your patience as we worked to resolve these issues.

When will the fixed version be available on App store?

Best regards

@kjems v6.1.3 is now available for download on the App Store.