Need help with AR, Client meeting coming up!

I have a client meeting coming up and I’ve done the steps outlined in this post:

My problem is when I tap the scene that I have setup for the last step, I see the model correctly position itself for a half second and then it reverts back to the arbitrary positioning and scale.

Can anyone help? Much appreciated!

Perhaps add another scene so that one isn’t the last?

Hi Mike!

I’ve setup multiple scenes and they all behave the same.

Perhaps sharing the model could help?
You can add a sharing link or, if it’s under 16MB drag it in a reply.

@KeeneArchitecture I suspect it may be the case that you’re running into a new bug that was introduced with the update to iPadOS 16.

There’s a discussion that might be helpful for you, happening here: Trouble scaling and moving the model to the right position in AR

The short version of the story is that we’re working on a fix. In the meantime, there’s a less-than-satisfactory workaround.

Closing the loop here too, with a note about today’s release of V6.1.2, which includes a fix for the AR issues reported here.


Is the Viewer that they offer in the trimble connect package the old viewer we used to use? Our firm is not looking for a full version of sketchup on the IPad, only the viewer that we used to have. We are still having trouble with the IPad AR stuff and it used to work very well when we had access to the viewer.