SketchUp Hangs for 30 seconds every few minutes

I didn’t know about the materials browser. I generally leave that open all
of the time. I will try that! Thanks for your response.

It doesn’t have to be the price of doing business. You can learn good modeling techniques and create clean, easy to work with models. Doing so will improve your efficiency as you model and make edits and reduce the time you have invested in the model.

You can keep control of the modeling by importing assets from the Warehouse into a file separate from your main model. Examine the component and make any modifications you need before copying it into the main model. If you copy only what you need into your main file, you’ll keep better control over file size and things like bad geometry.

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My point is that we all pay the price for getting sloppy and making mistakes. I was attempting to be lighthearted about those mistakes.

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You should also purge your model often to get rid of the warehouse components you have imported and since discarded. They might be a big bloat to your file size.


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If there are a lot of hi-poly 3dwarehouse models you want to keep, see this thread for some ways of simlifying them:

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