SketchUp Hangs for 30 seconds every few minutes

Sketchup hangs frequently for a frustrating amount of time and I need suggestions, please! I have tried: increasing the amount of times between autosaves, restarting, dramatically simplifying the model, closing open applications. None of those things made any difference. Any ideas? Thanks.

There are a number of threads on this topic already. Have a look.

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Thanks for your quick response, Dave! I am not running Windows and it’s not when I am trying to select. It just seems to happen randomly.

My error. Where is Autosave trying to save to?

No worries! It’s saving to the same folder as the source file.

Is that a local folder or in the cloud?

How large is the file?

varies. this one is local. the file is about 260 MB

It isn’t a good idea to save files directly to the cloud. Better to save locally and then sync the file in DropBox or wherever you are saving them.

A 260 Mb file could take a little time to save during Autosave. Have you tried turning off Autosave in Preferences?

yeah, generally, I will do all of the major work locally unless I am collaborating with someone. I haven’t tried turning autosave off, just changing the length of time. I will try turning it off. Thanks.

Even if you are collaborating with someone else, you should save locally and sync the file in the cloud.

Good luck.

I agree with your work stream re saving locally. Sometimes I am just lazy, and that’s not the problem here :). SO, I turned off autosave and it seems to have worked! I had changed the interval to every 20 minutes and it was still having about every five, so I assumed that wasn’t the issue. Curious! It seems to be fixed. Thanks for your help!

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What version of SketchUp is issue this about ?
(Your forum profile does not give a SketchUp version.)

Hi Dan,

I think I got it solved, but thanks so much for responding!

Anne Mundell
Professor of Scenic Design
Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama

Hi, Pro 2017 v17.0.18898


Hi thanks. Anne, do you realize that your 2 versions behind ?

There have been 2 maintenance releases since your version (initial release.)
Current version for Mac is 17.2.2554
Check out the Release Notes here:

Get latest installer / dmg at:

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I’ve been involved in helping another forum user developing a massive model - about the same file size as yours. Even a manual save takes up to a minute, with the spinning ‘wait’ beach ball for that time, and a frozen model.

AutoSave was probably doing the same when you had it turned on (though even when I was using AutoSave with his large model, it didn’t often freeze on me.)

Perhaps! Even though the beachball timing didn’t correspond with the
autosave interval, turning off autosave has solved the problem. Now I just
have to remember to keep saving since I am prone to bugsplats with my big
models. Thanks for your help.

Suppressing the symptoms of a problem doesn’t solve the problem.
It merely enables you to get stuck in deeper mud.

Turning off Auto-Save won’t stop the bugsplats, while the risk of losing more time and effort increases.

Modeling technique has a tremendous impact upon model performance.
Learning how will make modeling far more enjoyable and productive.

See this compendium of performance modeling techniques…
How do I make SketchUp run faster? — SketchUp Sage Site

Auto-Save is a known issue that’s been around for many mac versions of SU…

turning it and Create Backup off is common amongst mac users…

closing Outliner, Components Browser and Color palette also greatly reduce the likelihood of splats…

Disabling any extensions that use observers to log model changes is advisable as well i.e. vRay, DC, ACT…


Thanks for this! I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

I do all of those things, although sometimes, I get sloppy! I buildup from
basic geometry, too. Unfortunately, I model highly complex sets for
theatre, so this kind of thing may just be the price of doing business
right now! I also use a lot of things from the warehouse, so sometimes
things are a bit out of my control.