SketchUp crashing repeatedly without cause

Hi there,

I’ve had a look through the forum already to try and find an answer to this but still having the same issue.

My model is fairly basic, but SketchUp keeps crashing regularly, to the point I need to force quit and start again from last saved point. When I do this, the program has (not responding) next to it.

I have tried purging the model, turning off shadows and fog, checking for issues with model (none), and turning off fast feedback in OpenGL.

I have re booted the computer and closed down all other programs but it’s continuing to happen. I have auto save set to every 5 mins, but it seems to be around 20 min mark it fails. I can be doing something as simple as drawing a line when it happens.

Can anyone give me any other suggestions for a fix to this that I may have missed. I have updated my current software details in my profile also.

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Not responding is not crashing, it means it is working on something. Perhaps you need to leave it to finish what it is doing.
If you attach your model we can rule that out before trying to find hardware errors or other issues.

Hi there, yes, it’s just the spinning circle but goes on indefinitely for a simple action which is why I would consider it crashing. It’s as if it’s just gone into melt down. I’ll try and attach the model.

Thanks for your speedy response!

sometimes having geometry very far from the origin can cause sketchup to become repeatively unresponsive, attaching you model would be helpul indeed

Lang - Circular - NEW.skp (11.1 MB)

Hope this works

Your model appears fine for me.
So it must be something with your system.
I’m not a Mac user so will have to leave it to others to offer suggestions.

Thank you for having a look and your response.

The issue is sporadic; every 20-30 mins it happens whilst the rest of the computer is functioning fine. I really don’t know a huge amount about Macs, I was a lifelong PC user until fairly recently so I’m completely out of my depth with that side of it. If it is the computer at fault, as you say, I will need to get someone to have a look at it.

If any Mac users can offer some generic Mac fixing advice to try, that would be great :slight_smile:

Do you have periphery attached (3D mouse)?

I just have a normal mouse I think. Two buttons and a twirly wheel

Well, in the past, memory leaks where related to those periphery, but it might also be another extension.
If you open the activitymonitor (and SketchUp) and monitor the app, it might give some clues

I have architextures and Curic Deep Select installed, and have just disabled them both. I have opened the activity monitor and will check it when it nexts stops responding

Have you Autosave turned on? Is the Autosave folder syncing with somewhere in the cloud?

Autosave is on, and saves every 5 minutes but I can’t see where it saves to. If I save manually, it saves to icloud - Documents. I’m wondering if the computer needs to have a purge, though this issue doesn’t seem to occur with other programs as far as I am aware

The auto save files normally go to the same location. Best practice is to NOT save files directly to the cloud. Instead save the file on your local (internal) drive and sync to the cloud. Your long periods of “Not Responding” are likely due to a relatively slow connection to iCloud. Slower than the connection to an internal drive, anyway.

There have been numerous cases in which files have become corrupted when saving and auto saving directly to the cloud.

Great, I’ll give that a try and report back (it’s just restarting again after yet another “long pause”

That’s it just stopped responding again despite saving to Documents on the hard drive as opposed to icloud. If I save it to the hard drive, will autosave automatically save to the same location, or do i need to update that somewhere?

Yes. That’s what it’s designed to do.

Are you sure you’re actually saving to the internal drive? Disconnect from the internet, then open the file and work on it for awhile. Any change?

By the way, you might find it useful to clean up some of the components in your model and reduce them. Compared to a lot of files I see from others yours isn’t bad but it could still use some cleanup. For example do the metal plates on the folding chairs add anything important to your overall project? Each one is over 2800 entities.

Also make sure tag usage is correct with all edges and faces left untagged.
Screenshot - 3_9_2022 , 6_43_33 AM

I’m thinking your materials could stand a bit of cleanup. Seems kind of odd to have all those triangluar texture images, for one thing. Improving the efficiency of your model will help to lighten the load. The accompanying file size reduction will shorten the save times, too.

Hi Dave,

Thanks for all the info.

I can certainly delete those little serrated edges, like you say, they don’t add anything and take up space. Can you explain how I find this info myself?

I don’t really know about the tags, i just did what was in the sketchup tutorial I was follwoing, and adapted it to my model - I’ve probably learned some really bad processes!

I think the triangles come from some issues I was having trying to alter the shape of the circlular lawns after they were created. It threw up some pretty funky geometry and making triangles was the only way I could get the finished look I wanted without having to start again (for a 3rd time!). How would I go about cleaning them up? Will they need to stay because I have the weird geo?

Again, thanks for a detailed response.


As for finding things like those plates, it’s just a matter of poking around and examining the components before you add them into your project file. To find out how many entities the plates contain, I opened the plate component and triple clicked on it to select all of the geometry. Then I looked at Entity Info to get the count.

Maybe or maybe it didn’t cover everything you need to know about using tags. What tutorial were you following?

The triangular texture images are kind of strange. Were you using some extension or something that might have created them? If you’d created them manually it would have taken you awhile.

Thanks - noted

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Erm, yep :face_with_head_bandage: I had two issues; one trying to create a gradient in the bed at the back of the garden so it wasn’t high when that piece of ground met the constructed areas (seating and dining) and two, trying to put that segment into the wall and soil of the circular grass on the right (currently has a trampoline there - later will be greenhouse).