Sketchup regularly crashing/hanging on mac M1 Pro

Hi all,

I’m having an issue where sketchup is regularly hanging on my Mac - not sure its the particular model I’m working on or otherwise (only using it for one model so far), but it crashes about every 10 minutes or so currently while just doing normal tasks. I get the ‘spinning wheel of death’ and then have to go into the ‘force quit’ option and choose to quit sketchup which is shown as ‘not responding’.

I’m running sketchup 2023 on a Mac M1 Pro 2021 model (standard config/no upgrades), Mac OS Sonoma (but this was also happening prior to Sonoma). I’ve imported some models off 3D warehouse into the model, so not sure if these are making the model crash?

Error log also attached. Doesn’t generate a bugsplat report.

Thanks in advance!

error report.pdf (6.4 MB)

A lot of models from the 3DWH have corrupted elements, you should never download models directly into your model file, it’s better to open a new file download them there and check if they’re good or not, most of them are over detailed, have incorrect tag usage and sometimes huge textures that can provoke your model to slow down and lag or even crash.

I also use sketchup on a 2021 M1 Max MacBook and I haven’t had any issues with sketchup 2023, I haven’t updated to Sonoma though, sketchup 2023 doesn’t have support for Sonoma and some people are reporting issues with it.

Can you share the file you’re having issues with?

Thanks for the response.

I thought that may be an issue, but I’m not that advanced at sketchup so a lot of that detail is probably over my head.

See attached model file - have now save two versions and then deleted all the imported models into the bathroom room where I’m guessing the crashes are coming from.

Never had this issue previously with sketchup though that was on a different Macbook and OS (back in 2016 so a longish time ago!).

Thanks again.

211 Townshend Road - Bathroom Model.skp (4.6 MB)

You must learn how to model in Sketchup first, all the geometry was loose, everything must be grouped or made components, I fixed your model so you can see how it should be done.
There are great free courses for beginners here: SketchUp Campus, you can find different courses made by sketchup team members.

211 Townshend Road - Bathroom Model.skp (4.0 MB)

As u/francisquitof said lots of loose geometry and some reversed faces. Even though the model was smooth on my 8th gen i7 based PC. Be careful of 3DWH bloat.

The shower head is an example of bloat. The little nozzles in it each use way more edges than necessary.

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Thanks for the responses all - last night I made two copies of the file and in one I deleted all the imported fixtures in the bathroom area, and the model seemed to not crash afterwards.

I’ll take all your advice and do some further training!

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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