SketchUp Glitching - Pixelation on Screen & Freezing

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me find a solution for this issue one of my students is having:

She’s running 2024 SketchUp on a new MacBook Pro (M3) - SketchUp is glitching with the screen freezing and appearing pixelated. The tools within SketchUp are still clickable but unable to orbit/select anything.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Screenshot 2024-05-10 at 15.16.18

I am having the same issues. Same computer and same version of skecthup

yes, some people using M3 chips have had problems with the new engine.

2 current solutions are first to turn off anti aliasing in preferences (to 00x) and if it’s still crashing, to revert to the old engine (same preference panel) until next mac os sonoma or sketchup 24 update.

Please Carla, please fill in your profil correctly then. Sketchup for school is the web version for… schools. as in kids. you’re using pro or studio. not schools.
and 2024 is not an os or a graphics card. in your case it should be something like “mac os sonoma” and “M3”

putting gibberish in your profile has one effect : people won’t try to help you because they can’t identify the machine you’re working on. and those who choose to will have to ask you again and again for infos.