MacBook Pro 14" M3 - Graphics issues while working

When I use the new graphics processor option on MacBook Pro M3 my sketchup freezes when I try and select an object. This happens randomly. Also, the program doesn’t crash, but allows me to save. when I reopen it, the workspace is black. When I turn off the new graphics and set it back to the standard version, then I can work on the file again. Is there something I am doing wrong, or is this just buggy software? Apple or Sketchup issue?

It’s a SketchUp issue, and you’ll find there are a lot of posts about it. A developer can reproduce the problem, and is working on a solution.

As an alternative to switching back to the classic graphics engine, you could set the antialiasing to be 0x instead of 2x or 4x. On a MacBook Pro Retina screen the lines should still look ok, and will be sharper to. And the freezing issue will stop happening.

I also noticed the screen go black, which was resolved by removing the text (regular text, not 3D) from the document. When ever I bump into it again I’ll post an update.

Could you specify which M3 your Mac has? M3, M3 Pro or M3 Max?

There is a difference in how these deal with graphics.

Sorry I am an absolute amateur here - I have just upgraded my computer to the new macbook pro M3. When opening my files from on the 2024 Sketchup my screen is completely black. Is this something to do with that you’re talking about?

Yes, that’s another variation of the symptom. Change the antialiasing to 0x, and the model should not look black, or freeze up.

M3 - I have tried 0x anti-aliasing and now it works!

Yes, that worked! Thanks!