Bought better computer and black screen when opening Sketchup Pro

Please help me in the easiest laymen terms you can as I am an absolute novice! I just bought a new M3 MacBook and have transferred all my old files from my old 2017 Macbook and my Sketchup files open to a complete black screen. Any help would be so appreciated!

Your forum profile indocates you are using SketchUp 2013 Pro. That version will not support the operating system or graphics card on your new computer.

Does that include SketchUp 2013?

Time to move up to SketchUp 2024.

Try this

No sorry I was using 2024 Sketchup on my old laptop

Please update your forum profile, then. And see the post from Colin.

So go back to my old computer or just use Sketchup 2023?

I’m having some issues, but no freezing… maybe a little tweaking of your preferences will solve the issue.

Either change the graphics engine in 2024 to the classic one, or keep the new graphics engine and change the antialiasing to 0x.

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