Problems with Sketchup 2024 on my brand new MacBookPro

Hi, I have a brand new macbook pro. But it seams like the machine is not good enough for sketchup. After 10 seconds of working on a model, sketchup stops working. It is “stuck” and I have to restart it. Does anyone know what I can do?
Enscape doesnt work either. Ill attach a picture.

You may want to switch back to the old “classic” engine in Preferences/Graphics and see whether the issue exist there. It may be related to memory corruption in the new SU engine.

How do I do that?


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Did not work, it works very very slow.
How come that my Macbook pro from 2017 works better then the ne macbook pros?

We have the getting stuck issue fixed. I will try to come back and tell you when there is a new update for you to try.

It should not be getting stuck if you have tried the classic graphics engine, and the performance should be the same as it was in 2023. If you’re seeing very slow performance compared to 2023, there may be something else going on.

Yes it is very slow and stuck, I have to restart sketchup all the time. I cant work like this, do you recommend buying PC instead? If yes, do you have any recommandations?

We haven’t seen it getting stuck when on the classic graphics engine. Would it be possible to try your model? As we haven’t seen that on Mac, I can’t be sure if it wouldn’t also happen on Windows.

Share your .skp file so we can see what you are working with. Very likely it can be optimized.

here is the model

purge your model.

go to window / model info / statistics and purge.

Capture d’écran 2024-05-14 à 10.26.30
components and materials were in your file for no reason. just sitting there making it heavy.
the file dropped from 183mb to 38

That being said, I’m on a weaker machine than yours, but the file opens fine, even pre purge, and no navigation trouble with 24 and the new engine.
So the purge will make it smaller and lighter to handle, but won’t solve the lag and freeze.

I see in your profile you have the M3 CPU, there have been crashes and sluggishness with those, apple just released an update to sonoma (14.5) that supposedly solves some of it, maybe you could try that angle ?

But I use my 7 year old Mac with the same model without any problem. Just wondering why the new MacBook pro can’t handle this:)

does it run sonoma as well ?
Sonoma came with a lot of security changes causing problems to softwares. 14.2 was a nightmare causing many SU users to constantly crash, 14.4 apparently is not great for M3 and some 3d applications. 14.5 apparently fixes many changes.

The reason many people in IT will advise you not to run immediately toward the new thing is because it’s not always stable. a single update can break it all.
case and point here, you have the latest M3 chip, SU24 version and OS Sonoma installed. it could be the best experience you’ve ever had, and then a single update could completely halt you in your tracks for a month.

Thank you for all yourr help!
I decided to give back the Macbook and bought a PC instead!
Now everything is working as it should :slight_smile:

This is a really interesting thread. I’m having the exact same issue. I have a model that I’m working on that in 23 seems fine, but in 24 I spend ages with the spinning wheel of doom and then have to force quit the programme.

I’ve followed the advice on this thread and switched to classic and purged,

Sadly I can’t share my model because it’s all under NDA but I’m runnning:

MacBook Pro 16” thats under a year old
32GB memory
Apple M2 Max
MacOS is Sonoma 14.5

If anyone can shed any light I’d be extremely grateful.