SketchUp 2024 requires restarting every few minutes to restore tool functions

I have recently installed SketchUp 2024 onto a brand new Mac Studio with M2 Ultra chip and running macOS Sonoma 14.4.1
The new Mac is impressively fast and V-Ray 6 render times are cut dramatically from my previous Mac Pro machine. However I am experiencing severe compatibility issues with SketchUp on the Mac Studio. It works as it should for a short while but after some minutes, tool functions stop responding and to restore them means saving the file and restarting SketchUp. This occurs at alarmingly regular intervals and it’s driving me mad. Never had this problem with the Mac Pro.
An apparent fix is to set Multisample anti-aliasing from 4x to 0x and use classic graphics engine but the low resolution is appalling and I simply can’t deal with it.
I’ve been told by support from my reseller that it’s a known issue at SketchUp and was told to go back to SketchUp 2023 until there’s an upgrade. Trouble is I’m experiencing exactly the same problem with the earlier version.

Any one out there know if the boffins at Trimble are onto a fix and when an upgrade is due, or if anyone else is having these problems too.


We do have that fixed, and it will be in an update. We are never allowed to say when updates are going to be released. I will come back and let you know as soon as I can.

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Something I forgot to mention. If you choose the classic graphics engine and also turn off use fast feedback, you can get higher antialiasing settings.

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Thank you Colin. Really appreciate your response.

I’ve turned off Fast Feedback and it does run a little better. Still buggy but seems to only require saving the file rather than restarting every time. Looking forward to the next update which hopefully will be soon.