MacBook Air M3 - Model Screen Black

I have a new MacBook Air M3. Sketchup Pro launches fine, but the model screen is black. The file’s “Tags” “Outliners”, etc are all fine, so I know the file opened. But the screen is black. Zoom Extends, Plan View, Scenes … nothing works. Help!
M3 chip
24 GB memory
macOS Sonoma 14.4.1

We’re working on that issue. For now you can go into settings, Graphics, and choose to use the classic graphics engine.

Thanks. That worked. Hopefully that will get fixed soon, and I can use the more powerful graphics that I bought this new Mac for. I appreciate the help.

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Moments ago I verified that the fix was working, so it should be in the next update from us. I can’t yet say when that will be.