Issue MacBook M3 PRO 14' Sonoma with Sketchup 2024

I’m having an issue with SketchUp Pro on my new Macbook Pro with an Apple M3 Pro chip. The installation and launch of SketchUp go smoothly. I’ve also installed Enscape for rendering. However, as soon as I start zooming in on a project in SketchUp, it crashes. My interior architecture projects contain a lot of content, but it worked fine on my other computers. On this Mac, whenever I try to zoom, SketchUp freezes, and I lose access to the buttons. Enscape remains functional, but I can no longer interact with the SketchUp file. My configuration is Sketchup 2024 (Version 24.0.483) and my computer is MacBook Pro 14’, november 2023 edition, with M3 PRO chip, 18 RAM, Sonoma 14.4.1 (23E224) Could you please assist me?

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I have similar problem. Using the same MacBook Pro 14 inch with M3Pro chip. Im new at Ketchup and trying to learn how to model 3D. Today I have noticed that when I enter x-ray it freeze the frame and that’s it. I can’t select the model any more, any other selection tools I can toggle on and off, but nothing else I can’t do.
I have uploaded video, bot sure if you can see it.

There are a couple of Enscape related crashes going on. For one of those it seems to be fixed in macOS Sonoma 14.5. For now, go into settings, and in Grpahics choose to use the classic graphics engine. Then update to 14.5 when you can, and you can go back and use the new graphics engine.

The other Enscape crashing issue it when adding objects, lights for example. I haven’t figured that one out yet. Enscape have work around suggestions about placing the light inside of an object (component or group), but for me that doesn’t solve the problem.

You may need to keep 2023 around for now, when working with Enscape models.