Enscape 4? Sketchup Pro 2023 / Macbook Pro Ventura 13.6.6

Hi, I’m using a Sketchup Pro 2023 and Enscape and I frequently get the below error message, and Enscape crashes. I’m wondering if anyone with the same issue has tried upgrading their Enscape to the latest version (4.0) and if that helps or makes this issue worse?


“Error starting Enscape. Enscape exited unexpectedly. Please restart Sketchup. We are sorry for the inconvenience. We are eager to fix the problem you’ve encountered, so please send us an error report. Your feedback includes the Enscape log files. This helps us to fix the problem sooner!”

In my experience this is VERY common. I use SketchUp Pro for 3D design, LayOut for 2D documentation, Enscape for Rendering and Undet for point-cloud work. On three separate occasions last year, after one or the other issued an update I was shut down (for one week each time) until a work around was devised. Trimble never even acknowledged there were any problem. Enscape was always confident that it was not their problem … so they consistently stonewalled. Undet was the only one who was active in finding a solution.

Trimble/SketchUp is happy to have third parties extended the capabilities of SketchUp … but they are quick to wash their hands when something goes awry. Scan Essentials (for point cloud) and V-Ray (for rendering) are (in my opinion) not the best tools available. But since they are the Trimble “tools of choice” (i.e. delivered with Studio) … at least the updates/releases are vetted. You have no such assurances with third-part extensions … and that cost me three weeks last year.

End of rant.

Regardless, the answer is yes, I have had these same issues, in spades. But, to be very specific: I am now running SketchUp Pro Version 23.1.340 and Enscape version -3.5.6+204048. And today, I am NOT having any problems.

I’m having the same issue. I have a MacPro M2, and it was running on Sonoma, so I had to downgrade to Ventura since Sketchup doesn’t support Sonoma yet. I downgraded, installed Sketchup 2023 23.1.341 and Enscape and no luck at all!!! Very frustrating. Please if someone experienced the same issue and know the answer I really appreciated . I reached out to Enscape already, if I have an answer from them I will came back here. Thank you

but Sketchup doesn’t support Sonoma yet, which is the14.4 that you mentioned. I had Sonoma before, it was crashing all the time, and Enscape found out that I was using Sonoma and suggested to get the previous OS, that is why I have Ventura now.

@RLGL actually I had Sonoma 14.1.2, and on Sketchup website it says Sonoma is not supported yet. Should I try the 14.4?
I will do anything at this point, so tired of trying and getting nothing!! Thank you for your input

Sketch up doesn’t support Sonoma. Stick to Ventura.

I’ve got users with issues with v4 of enscape since it released a few days ago - I expect there are some hot fixes from them on the way.

I dont know about enscape, but updating Sonoma to the 14.4.1 version fixed the problems I was having in sketchup. I know that Enscape was not supported on my old intel mac with AMD Radeon Pro graphics card - it wants one of the new M chips.