Sketchup For Schools needs Admin Approval


I just started to work with SketchUp for schools but I also have the problem.

@Steve_Ketchup could you please whitelist our school-domain?

Thanks for the help I’ve added your domain so you should be all set. Please let me know if you have any trouble logging in.

Thanks for your help!

But unfortunately i still got the “Sketch Up For Schools needs Admin approval”-Message.
Is there anything else I have to do?

Hi Steve,

I am trying to activate SketchUp for Schools for my school district. We are located in Bermuda (outside of the U.S.) and our domain is Are you able to whitelist our domain please? Thanks.

Hello I’m trying to find the app, like the example but I’m not. I have open the azure admin panel and I’m trying to with + new application “SketchUp for Schools” but nothing. It’s possible to help me?


Please can you whitelist… Also I cannot see Sketch-up for schools in the Azure Application section, to add it.

Hi @LukeKincraig, I’ll verify your information and add you to the database right now. Can you let me know if you use the same domain as the site you linked for your apps? I know some schools and organizations use a different one than their site and I need to make sure that I add the correct information to our database. Once I have that, I can get you added and then you are all set to deploy the app.

As for your question about Azure, I’ll have to ask the team if they have any experience with it as my expertise tends to be more on the Google side of things. Once I have an answer I’ll either make an edit to this post or make another one depending on if you have replied yet.