Sketchup For Schools needs Admin Approval

Hi, this is what I get with a student account.

With the admin account I am able to login.

Hi @Maagaard and @Silva_Nobel, thanks for the posts. I’ll address both of you in a single post so just look for your username to see the part relevant to you.

First up, Maagaard, I have finished getting you entered into the database of approved domains and you should be all set to go now. Just deploy the app if you have not already done so and your students will be up and running! Do take care as you deploy the app not to miss any steps as that will cause issues later on that are identical to what you are currently seeing.

As for you Silva_Nobel, it looks like you are using Microsoft so your deployment process is a little different than the Google one. Just go ahead and run through all the steps outlined in the video I linked below to make sure that the deployment was a success. Sometimes things get fouled up in the deployment and ruling that out is a good first step as we troubleshoot how to get your students access to SketchUp for Schools. Also, be sure to check that you have your permissions set up correctly.

I’m having similar issues to people in this thread.

I have followed the steps in the video but when i sign in with an microsoft admin account for the school, i do not get an option to ‘consent on behalf of organisation’.

I enter my password, complete my MS authenticatior and then it logs me into edu.sketchup.
After this, if i try to sign in with a student account I still get the sing in error asking me to ensure i enable sketch up on the domain (which i have done)

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
Thank you

Hi @compassIT, thanks for the post. Today is a holiday in the United States so my ability to get in touch with. team members to help you troubleshoot may be a bit more limited than normal but I’ll do my best to get you a solution as soon as I can.

In the meantime, we can rule out a few possibilities and gather some data that will help us later on. First up, are you using two different domains? Also, can you upload a screenshot of exactly what you are seeing when you log in as an admin? I may be able to glean some additional information from that.

Thanks for the quick response.
This issue was sorted, i used an alternate admin account and that gave me the ability to give consent on behalf of school.
Not sure what prevented that option popping up for my initial account though as they both have the same priviledges. Either way, that is sorted for now but thank you

Dear Steve,

I’m from BINUS SCHOOL Simprug, and we (teacher) are planning to use Sketchup for School, but unfortunately we cannot sign in using our school email. Our domain email for teacher is

Our student can access sketchup for school using domain

Can our school using this features? I already talked with our admin account , they said in the admin site, they cannot find where to activate the sketchup for school.

could you guide us?

thank you

Hi @johnchandra, thanks for the post and sorry for the delay in my reply. I am happy to link you to a video that outlines the deployment process. It should outline all the steps needed to get you going. Are you using a Google environment or a Microsoft environment? Knowing that will help me to better help you.

Dear Casey,

I’m using microsoft environment


Thnaks for the reply and sorry for the delay @johnchandra. The deployment process for a Microsoft environment is a bit tricky and sometimes things get fouled up. Are the students on a different domain than the teachers? If so, the domain may need to have SketchUp deployed for that specific domain via an admin level account. If not, then we may need to do some additional troubleshooting.

Good morning , I’m trying to access Sketchup for schools and it won’t let us. The previous courses we could enter but it seems that they have closed the door on us. It is possible that we are off the white list by having a Gsuit domain with .org format
Our secondary school (K12) belongs to Spain.
Our domain is

Could you join the whitelist?

Thanks and greetings

Hi @carlosanz, thanks for the post. I already addressed this in a different thread but in case you missed it or someone in the future is looking for an answer I’ll go ahead and post a reply to this one too.

It is entirely possible that a firewall update is causing you to get locked out so I went ahead and manually added you to the database a few minutes ago. You should be all set to go on our end. I must however admit that the symptoms you are describing are a lot more consistent with a change to a permission setting on your end. I would recommend getting in touch with your IT team and see if they updated anything or accidentally changed a permission setting.