Need admin approval


As an office 365 admin, i’m able to login to Sketchup for Schools (Web)

If any users try to sign they recieve the following error (although) they’re assigned to the app in Azure)

Need admin approval

SketchUp for Schools

SketchUp for Schools needs permission to access resources in your organization that only an admin can grant. Please ask an admin to grant permission to this app before you can use it.

[Have an admin account? Sign in with that account]

[Return to the application without granting consent]


In order to be available to your students SketchUp for Schools requires a one time admin approval that allows them to launch it through the store. Once this permission has been granted it should be available throughout your school.

I have added the sketchup for schools app to our microsoft store and users can launch it but it gives this error when they try to login into sketchup:
Need admin approval for Sketchup for schools

Could you please share your school’s Microsoft email domain so we can add it it our whitelist?

I don’t think this will be solved by adding you to the whitelist. SketchUp for Schools needs access to OneDrive so students can store their models securely, and as the administrator you must to grant that permission. Simply adding the app is not enough. This link may be useful but it probably depends on how you have Azure confirgured.


Why is that needed? And what information is stored?

IS this information available on the website?


Thanks, I have added your domains to our whitelist. This step is required when Google or Microsoft mistake an educational email domain for a commercial one. Since SketchUp for Schools is strictly an educational app it is not available for commercial or general public usage. In the event that a user has properly deployed the app and accepted the terms of use for their school and still cannot log in, we can permit them access by whitelisting the email domain that they are signing in with.

Please note your G Suite or MSFT admin will still need to approve the app’s usage before it will become available to students and teachers

Thanks you.

What do you mean by approve the app?
We want to deploy the app with intune to our computers.

Hi Mike,

would you please delete the screenshot in you’re reply? thank you

I have the same problem of needing approval by the administrator; I already gave the approval; and continues with the same requirement. I posted the same question on the other forum, but since I didn’t have an answer, I’m posting it here; apparently sketchup did not provide a support channel for these issues.