Microsoft O365 Education login Sketchup for schools,Need admin approval

We are a K12 school and MS Office354 education user. Our network admin already added Sketchup for schools on the MS website, but we still get the error message “Need admin approval”, do we still request request whitelist from Sketchup please?
Our educator domain name is
And our student domain name is

Hi @Joe_Guo, thanks for the post. As Microsoft usually handles the authentication on their end, I shouldn’t techncailly need to add you to our database but I will do so anyway just to make sure that is not the issue. My past experience with this error though indicates to me that the most likely cause is a bad install. It happens sometimes and while we do our best to push as many bug fixes as we can and make the install process as pain free as possible, we are not perfect and sometimes things make it past us.

After this post is live, you will have been added to the database so go ahead and check to see if that helps at all. If not, try reinstalling and make sure not to skip any steps as that is one of the most frequent causes of errors I see. In case you need a video guide, I’ll add it to this post, but I am sure you are already well aware of the way the app installation process works.

Hi @CaseyG, thanks for your reply. I’ve fellow the video instructions, log out current user, start an incognito window, and login with my MS education user, still get the same error. I am sure the is on my pop-out allow list. I also tested on the Sketchup for school app and another laptop, still no luck. Any other suggestions please?

Hmmm… that is an odd one @Joe_Guo. If you are sure you followed all the steps and are sure you have admin access to deploy the app I am not sure why it is not working. I can confirm that our servers are up and the database is working so it is not an issue on our end. I can ping the rest of the team and see if they have any suggestions and get back to you but for now, I am at a loss.

I know that Google sometimes makes changes to what is and is not considered an admin without telling us and last I checked, you needed additional permissions to configure things correctly but that should not affect you if you are a Microsoft user. Then again, maybe Microsoft changed something and it messed up your permissions so it is worth checking those to be sure your admin status is working as intended.

While I wait for the rest of the team to arrive at the office, can you check your admin status for me and let me know if anything is out of the ordinary?